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City Band Productions has over ten years experience working on independent films. In recent years we have participated in the 48 Hour Film Project in San Diego. Click for more info on recent projects.

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48 Hour Film
Shapes (2014)
A 48 Hour Film Project | A Film by Ramon Vasquez Jr. | In a society where human compatibility is predetermined from birth and love is limited within one of three classifications, two people question the rules after a chance encounter. | Official Selection ‘Best of San Diego’ 48 Hour Film 2014
Pulse (2013)
A 48 Hour Film Project | A Film by Jim Walters | Kristi Newhart finds herself being interrogated by the VP of her company and an FBI agent over a string of violent robberies that have shook everyone involved to their core. In this tale of mistaken identity the viewer must decide exactly who is guilty and not guilty.
The Friendly Skies (2012)
A 48 Hour Film Project | A Film by Ramon Vasquez Jr. | Gary Greenberg, a hard-hitting investigative reporter, takes a close look into the lives of angels. In his brief but hilarious report, he discovers that even in heaven there are veterans and rookies, rules and assignments and sometimes a poor schmuck down on Earth that has no clue what the “hell” is going on. Ponder as you view this small glimpse into the lives of angels.
No Heart In The City (2009)
An Independent Short Film by Ramon Vasquez Jr. | Detectives Brian Fanning and his partner James Henry have been tapped by their boss to help another pair of detectives in a case that has shown little results. On what was supposed to be a routine stakeout, things go terribly wrong. In the wake, Fanning and Henry are left having to explain exactly what went down.

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