Royal De Luxe (2016)

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A 48 Hour Film | A Marshall / Vasquez Production | A Film by Ramon Vasquez Jr.

Royal De Luxe | Starring Jim Walters,
Seth Marshall, Teresa Suarez Grosso, Eric Pyka, Karina Lizet Perez, Ramon Vasquez Jr. and Travis Baron | Directed by @RSVjr


A lonely novelist battles writer's block while pressure mounts from his agent and publishers.


Jim Walters | Herman Hill
Seth Marshall | Flynn (The Hero)
Teresa Suarez Grosso | Mom
Eric Pyka | The Villain
Karina Lizet Perez | The Damsel in Distress
Ramon Vasquez Jr. | The Agent
Travis Baron | Young Herman Hill
Brady Stigall | Henchman #1
Austin Stigall | Henchman #2
Director | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Story | Jim Walters / Seth Marshall / Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Screenplay | Mirna Vasquez / Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Producers | Seth Marshall / Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Executive Producers | Ramon Vasquez Jr. / Seth Marshall / Mirna Vasquez / Jennifer Picker / Jim Walters / Mike Klass / Brady Stigall / Brandon A. Cottrell
Director of Photography | Mike Klass
Editors | Tony Nguyen / Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Original Music | Enrique Rangel / Jon Fan
1st Assistant Director | Brady Stigall
2nd Assistant Director | Erica Cullwell
Unit Production Manager | Brandon A. Cottrell
Line Producer | Mirna Vasquez
Script Supervisor | Mirna Vasquez
Production Designer | Jennifer Picker
Creative Consultants | Michael Knight / Soojin Um
1st Assistant Camera | Brandon Anderson
2nd Assistant Camera | Jackson Wilson
Gaffer | Nick Gustafson
Key Grip | Nick Esposito
Production Sound Engineer | Chris Cogdill
Sound Technician | Blake Gieseler
Production Logger | Mirna Vasquez
Boom Operator | Blake Gieseler
Post Production Supervisor | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Sound Designer | Chris Cogdill
ADR Recordist / Editor | Chris Cogdill
Dialogue Editor | Blake Gieseler
Music Supervisor | Jim Walters
Behind the Scenes Editor | Brandon A. Cottrell
Still Photographer | Michelle Mcelroyy
Behind the Scenes Videographer | David Sebring / Michelle Mcelroy
Visual Effects Artist | Nick Gustafson / Mike Klass / Gabe Edwards
Colorist | Mike Klass
Graphics Coordinator | Brandon A. Cottrell
Wardrobe Supervisor | Christina Guillen
Set Dressers | Brady Stigall / Nick Esposito / Eric Pyka
Property Master | Patty Quiros / Barbara Rivera Hair and Make up Artists | Catie Moyer / Teresa Suarez Grosso / Karina Lizet Perez
Special Effects Make Up | Catie Moyer
Set Barber | Jesse Teralta
Location Managers | Jim Walters / Michelle Mcelroy
Craft Services | Rachelle Stigall
Production Assistants | Tom Cullwell / Austin Stigall
Dog Wranglers | Patty Quiros / Barbara Rivera / Michelle Mcelroy / Travis Baron


2016 48HFP
2016 Best Of
2016 SDFF



BTS Still Photographer: Michelle McElroy


rdl_main_title_banner_med_02 Royal De Luxe – directed by Ramon Vasquez Jr., starring Jim Walters, Seth Marshall, Teresa Suarez Grosso, Eric Pyka, Karina Lizet Perez, Ramon Vasquez Jr. and Travis Baron. Featuring original music by -- 48 Hour Veterans -- Enrique Rangel & Jon Fan, cinematography by Mike Klass, a screenplay written by Mirna Vasquez & Ramon Vasquez Jr. based on a story by Jim Walters and directed by @RSVjr.

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