Simple Twist of Fate (2015)

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A 48 Hour Film | A Cottrell/Vasquez Production | A Film by Ramon Vasquez Jr.



Quinn must prove himself worthy to take over for his friend and mentor who is retiring from one of the most important positions at their ‘firm.’



Seth Marshall | Quinn P. Doe
Laurence Brown | Eric Ross
Jennifer Scibetta | Diana
Teresa Suarez Grosso | Artemis
Taylor Koster | Madison
Andrew Dean Pearson | Conor
Jim Walters | Ethan
Ramon Vasquez Jr. | Robee
Brady Stigall | Alan Downing, Rugby Coach
Jennifer Picker | Hot Tub Target
Writer / Director | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Screenplay | Ramon Vasquez Jr. / Jim Walters / Mike Klass
Producers | Brandon A. Cottrell / Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Story | Ramon Vasquez Jr. / Soojin Um / Mirna Vasquez / Jim Walters / Mike Klass / Brandon A. Cottrell / James Bell / Blake Gieseler
Executive Producers | Brandon A. Cottrell / Jim Walters / Mike Klass / Ramon Vasquez Jr. / Mirna Vasquez / Blake Gieseler
Director of Photography | Cody Cuellar
Editors | Ramon Vasquez Jr. / Melvin Cannon
Music | Jon Fan / Enrique Rangel
Additional Music | Royal Campaign
Assistant Director | Jim Walters
Unit Production Manager | Ryan Jurgensmeier
Production Manager | Brandon A. Cottrell
Line Producer | Mirna Vasquez
Script Supervisor | Blake Gieseler

First Assistant Camera | Mike Klass
Second Assistant Camera | Brady Stigall
Gaffer | Barthalamew Jones
Key Grip | Nick Esposito
Grip & Electric Equipment provided by | Illuminated Path Productions
Production Sound Engineer | Chris Cogdill
Sound Technician | Tony Percuoco
Production Logger | Adam Roenker
Boom Operator | Tony Percuoco
Post-Production Supervisor | Cody Cuellar
Sound Designer | Chris Cogdill
Dialogue Editor | Blake Gieseler
Music Supervisor | Freeman Rodriguez
1st Assistant Editor | Tony Nguyen
Colorist | Cody Cuellar
Color by | litePOST, Inc.
Graphics Coordinator | Melvin Cannon
Production Designer | Jennifer Picker
Wardrobe Supervisor | Jennifer Picker
Art Director | Leilani Andalajao
Set Designer | Clarissa De Los Santos
Property Manager | Leilani Andalajao
Location Manager | Jim Walters
Craft Services | Mirna Vasquez / Brandon A. Cottrell / Jennifer Picker
Production Assistants | Adam Roenker / William Trafton / Kyle Brown / Sandra Farst



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