The Friendly Skies (2012)

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A 48 Hour Film | A RSVjr Production | A Film by Ramon Vasquez Jr.


Gary Greenberg, a hard-hitting investigative reporter, takes a close look into the lives of angels. In his brief but hilarious report, he discovers that even in heaven there are veterans and rookies, rules and assignments and sometimes a poor schmuck down on Earth that has no clue what the “hell” is going on. Ponder as you view this small glimpse into the lives of angels.


‘The Friendly Skies’ premiered at the 2012 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project on Tuesday June, 26th 2012. Click the picture below for more info on the premiere.



Flora Sofia | Angelica
Teresa Suarez | Clara
Josh Lawson | Gary Greenberg
Asmar Fontenot | The Big Man
Chris La Vine | Bill
Jim Walters | Truck Driver
Douglas Cox | Documentary Audio Person
Ricardo Delgado | Documentary Steadicam Operator
Director | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Screenplay | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Story | Douglas Cox / Jim Walters / Mike Klass / Ramon Vasquez Jr.

Producer | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Executive Producers / Mirna Vasquez / Ramon Vasquez Jr.

Director of Photography | Mike Klass
Editors | Mike Klass / Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Music | Jon Fan / Enrique Rangel

First Assistant Director | Jim Walters
Second Assistant Director | Ryan Jurgensmeier
Unit Production Manager | Brandon A. Cottrell

Makeup Artists | Charda Bell / Teresa Suarez Grosso
Wardrobe Supervisor | Teresa Suarez Grosso

First Assistant Editor | Tony Nguyen
Second Assistant Editor | Cindy Wimer
Sound Recordist | Douglas Cox

Post-Production Audio | Greg Ortiz
ADR Recordists | Burke Greer / Freeman Rodriguez / Mark J. Livingston III
Music Supervisors | Jim Walters / Tony Nguyen

Lighting Director | Brandon A. Cottrell
Camera Operators | Mike Klass / Ricardo Delgado
Steadicam Operator | Ricardo Delgado

Production Assistants | Brady Stigall / Jonathan Soler



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