Pulse (2013)

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A 48 Hour Film | A RSVjr Production | A Film by Jim Walters


Kristi Newhart finds herself being interrogated by the VP of her company and an FBI agent over a string of violent robberies that have shook everyone involved to their core. In this tale of mistaken identity the viewer must decide exactly who is guilty and not guilty.


Josh Lawson | Gerard
Taylor Koster | Kristi Newhart
Holly Rone | Angela Sinclair
Michael Adler | Agent Stevens
Chris La Vine | Mac McCarthy
Mark J. Livingston III | Customer
Ryan Jurgensmeier | Sales Associate
Nick Esposito | Warehouse Worker
Freeman Rodriguez | Supervisor
Ben Richer | Deaf Kitchen Worker
Director | Jim Walters

Screenplay | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Story | Andrew Jacques / Jim Walters / Mike Klass / Tony Nguyen / Ramon Vasquez Jr.

Producer | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Executive Producers | Jim Walters / Mike Klass / Ramon Vasquez Jr.

Director of Photography | Mike Klass
Editors | Mike Klass / Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Music | Jon Fan / Enrique Rangel

First Assistant Director | Ryan Jurgensmeier
Second Assistant Director | Andrew Jacques
Unit Production Manager | Brandon A. Cottrell
Line Producer | Mirna Vasquez

Production Manager | Mirna Vasquez
Location Manager | Josh Lawson
Script Supervisor | Christopher Rice

Production Design | Leilani Andalajao
Makeup Artist | Leilani Andalajao
Wardrobe Supervisor | Clarissa De Los Santos

Assistant Editor | Tony Nguyen
Sound Recordist | Conrad Hack

Post-Production Supervisor | Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Post-Production Audio | Aaron Berman / Brandon Papsidero / Kristopher Hoffman / Nick Brewer / Zack Tatar
Music Supervisor | Freeman Rodriguez

Storyboard Artist | Ricardo Delgado
Lighting Directors | Andrew Jacques / Brandon A. Cottrell / Ryan Jurgensmeier
Camera Operators | Mike Klass / Ricardo Delgado
Best Boy Electric | Nick Esposito
First Assistant Camera | Garrett Lawson

Production Assistants | Ben Richer / Heather Christie



‘Pulse’ premiered at the 2013 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project on Tuesday July, 30th 2013. Click the picture below for more info on the premiere.



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